Be Rooted Becomes the First Black-Owned Stationery Brand to Hit Target Shelves

This Black-owned stationery brand has just sown its seeds at Target!
Be Rooted is now the first Black-owned stationery brand to hit the major retailer’s shelves. Now, its founder, Jasmin Foster, is on a mission to diversify the stationary market.
“Knowing from personal experience the feelings of inclusion are deeply intertwined with personal wellbeing. Jasmin is making sure that journaling is an accessible form of self-care.”
Along with an array of journals like slim travel and spiral journals, they offer items such as sticker sets with bold branding that encourages self-care in a way that is relatable to us! 
Phrases and images that feature a range of Black skin tones, protective hairstyles and more that represent Black women can be found across the stationery items

You can now find Be Rooted in Target stores and online or via the company’s official website,