Do You Hate Group Travel? There's A Black-Owned Group Trip Platform Aiming To Change That

Go Galavant founder Kemi Adewumi aims to help people explore everything the world has to offer.

Deciding which group travel company would best suit your needs and personality is a time-consuming process and can be hard to determine without first-hand accounts. provides that insight with trip information and reviews that are easily displayed.

“Technology has made traveling more affordable at times, but not always easier. You have to find time to research and plan, and then find people to go with you."

“Go Galavant was created to solve both of those issues,” says Adewumi.

Travelers looking for ready-made trips can search by a variety of categories, including luxury, adventure, cultural, budget, solo, and LGBT. 

The companies featured on Go Galavant are offering smaller, more personalized, and authentic experiences. 

According to the website, “Go Galavant takes the stress out of travel planning by helping you find fully planned trips based on your specific interests."

If you’ve shied away from group travel adventures in the past, Go Galavant seems to be doing things differently, finding you the perfect experience to suit your needs and unique personality.