This Black And Queer-Owned B&B Seeks To Be An Inclusive Space For All

For Edmonton, Canada-based married couple Reigh and Katie Ring, traveling together was sometimes met with rude stares or people who didn’t approve of their relationship.

Reigh, who is Black and also suffers from a chronic illness, found that certain places and spaces simply weren’t inviting to the couple’s needs.

“We haven’t faced any major or overt racism and discrimination in our travels together, but we have faced smaller instances,” Reigh told Travel Noire.

“For instance, on our honeymoon, the front desk attendant of our accommodation tried to put us in a room with two beds, versus the one bed we intended to share, even though it was our honeymoon.”

It was the summation of these smaller run-ins that inspired the couple to create a space where they knew everyone would be welcomed and noticed.

Golden Gaze B&B is set to be a sustainable, accessible, and inclusive accommodation in the picturesque town of Golden in Edmonton, Canada.

“After visiting Golden we fell in love, and knew it would be the perfect place to open our accommodation. We want to prioritize groups and people that are often ignored.”

Golden Gaze will be handicap accessible and plus-size friendly. There will be eco domes as well as cabins on the grounds that guests can stay in. All ingredients for the meals will be locally-sourced.

Additionally, there will be a meditation and movement sanctuary that will be open and available to all religious practices and yoga. Oh, it will also be cannabis friendly.

“While we have received some funding from friends and family to get the project rolling, we created a fundraising campaign to help us raise additional capital,” Reigh explained.

“We are simply asking anyone who believes in the mission and vision of this space, to donate or share the campaign.”

Construction on the eco domes will begin in April, and the entire project should be completed by end of 2021. 

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To learn more about Reigh and Katie’s vision follow on Instagram at: @goldengazebnb.