Meet The Woman Behind The Beyoncé-Approved Black Travel Box

One day, Black Travel Box founder Orion Brown can ran out of product at the start of a trip to Japan and grew frustrated at the lack of options for Black women. 

"As I was talking to other Black travelers, I found that there were just all kinds of crazy workarounds that we do and all kinds of things to travel."

Her solution:  a service that provides Black travelers with essentials tailored to their needs. the box is filled with TSA-friendly items to help glow on the go.

Brown is a proponent of clean products made from natural ingredients. she knows how important it is to deliver safe products to her clientele. 

“I don’t want to contribute to the medical issues that we have, particularly in the Black female community that can be very clearly traced back to super toxic products.

That said, clean beauty has a different definition for everybody. If you have sensitive skin, then what’s clean for you may not be clean for the next person.”

The Chicago native, who now resides in Boulder, Colorado, is particularly consumer centric thanks to a background in consumer goods for well-known brands like Kraft and Nestle.

when I came into brand management, one of the first things that I established was to never get behind a business or promote a brand that was not safe for people to give to their kids.

And my litmus test for that was, would I give this product to my niece, who at the time was about six years old. So, every brand that I’ve worked on, I stand behind.”

“Just understanding what people actually need and want and serving them in that way, I think is the most beneficial,” she added about her philosophy. 

Brown graduated with a BA  in Human Development from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Duke University. 

 She believes both have contributed to her success in terms of understanding consumers and having a strong professional network for resources. 

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