When traveling with kids, you have to consider many things. What are their ages, interests, personalities?

Do they enjoy the great outdoors, or are they the “let’s build a fort in the living room and play video games” type? Are they living with mental or physical challenges?

Based on reviews from Trip Advisor, The Family Vacation Guide sought to answer the question- what are the best cities in The United States for travel with children? 

The 100 biggest cities in the country were analyzed and narrowed down t o 20, based on the amount of family-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions that were rated highly.

Some of the cities that made the list are surprising, others not so much.

Here are the top seven on the list:

It makes sense that the most populous city in the US is top of the list. There’s something in New York for everybody, from beautiful parks to museums, restaurants to shows.

new york city

Two words: Disney. World. It’s been a draw for children and even some adults for years. If you’re looking for a place to chill while the kids make sandcastles, beaches are never far away. 


San Diego is a surfer’s paradise, so if your child is down to catch some waves, there’s plenty of options for that, especially along La Jolla Shores.

san diego, california

Hawaii has no shortage of pristine beaches which are sure to delight the entire family. Swim with the dolphins, go to Magic Island Lagoon or visit the Honolulu Zoo.


Your kids might press you for pictures with one of the costumed characters on Hollywood Boulevard, and you may roll your eyes, but go along with it. They’ll only be children once.

los angeles

Aside from the great beaches here, Mommy Poppins highly recommends the Miami Zoo, the only subtropical zoo in the continental U.S. with a variety of species not often seen in other American zoos.


Families can ride the High Roller Observation Wheel, to enjoy views of The Strip from nearly 600 feet in the air. And it moves slowly enough so as not to scare the smaller kids.

las vegas

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