The Best Haitian Restaurants To Try In New York City

We wanted to drop our picks for the best Haitian restaurants in New York City, so you can celebrate through the island’s cuisine.

Haitian cuisine is more than Pikliz, Barbancourt Rum & Joumou. New York City has the largest concentration of Haitians in the U.S. & by far some of the best Haitian restaurants in the country. 

If you are looking to celebrate Haitian Heritage Month, here are our favorite restaurants in New York City.

Le Soleil Brillant


Many have called Hell’s Kitchen’s Le Soleil Brillant the most authentic Haitian restaurant in NYC. This BYOB restaurant’s menu will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking.



Beyond cooking their take on traditional Haitian cuisine, GrandChamps’ mission is to bring the community together through food while learning more about Haitian culture.

Little Haiti Caribbean Restaurant


With a fresh take on Haitian food, it will remind you of the Island and possibly make you feel as though you were back in Haiti. 



This family-owned Haitian-American bakery is located in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. They bake classic Haitian desserts and serve meat, seafood & veggie dishes native to Haiti.

Kombit Bar & Restaurant


Family-owned by three siblings, the restaurant is known for its live music and cocktails. It also happens to be the place to go for Akra aka Haitian fritters.

Whenever you're in nyc again, make sure you add these stops to your list!