Unbothered: The 10 Best Countries To Move To If You’re An Introvert

Great news for introverts looking to move abroad to recharge, escape crowded cities, or limit intensive social interaction. 

Finance comparison website Merchant Machine has pulled together a list of the most ideal countries to help you live your best unbothered life.

Coming in on top is Canada, with only four people per square meter, high Wi-Fi speeds, an average income of $29,587, and somewhat affordable rental rates.

1. Canada

2. Australia

Australia is also introvert-friendly. It averages just three people per square meter and a higher average income of just over $41,000 to match slightly more elevated rent prices.  

Iceland rounds out the top three countries. 

3. Iceland

Here is the full list for introverts considering a change of scenery:
1. Canada
2. Australia
3. Iceland
4. Russia
5. Finland
6. New Zealand
7. Suriname
8. Mauritania
9. Norway

10. Belize

As an added bonus, Merchant Machine compiled professions that may lend themselves well to introversion. 

Unsurprisingly, the most suitable job prospects are roles which tend to require limited interaction or accommodate solo and remote work like writing, music composition, and art.

Are you an introvert ready to convert to a


new country?