These Are The Best Apps For Planning Your Travel Bucket List

Whether it’s traveling to a new country, eating at a specific restaurant, or climbing the highest peak— bucket lists exist to help us keep track of our greatest aspirations.

Like everything else in the modern era, there’s an app for that.

Travel Noire has highlighted applications that help organize your goals and even discover new possibilities. 

travel mapper

includes a travel scratch map to check off countries visited, a pin map to highlight areas still to be discovered & A visa checker to view requirements for entry at next destination.


This app follows a phased plan to actualize your goals - Discover, Dream, Plan, Visualize, Get Motivated, and Achieve - and the tools you need to fulfill your bucket list wishes. 


Arrange your to-do lists according to category and Soon automatically fills in the details. When you’re done, check it off and continue to discover new potential experiences. 

Travel Noire

You can get ideas for things to do on your next trip, chat with other travelers, and even learn how to make money while traveling the world. Did we mention it’s Black-owned?