Today’s Black Women Beauty Giants Who Ascended From
Madam C.J. Walker’s Legacy

Madam C.J. Walker has been long since credited as one of the most successful Black beauty entrepreneurs in American history.

Walker’s highly sought out creation — Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower — was a homemade treatment that became one of the most innovative products known to hair-care. 

Her 20th century beauty empire and million-dollar legacy single-handedly paved the way for other Black women entrepreneurs to create an inspiring path in the world of beauty today.

Similar to how Madam C.J. Walker innovated a space that didn’t exist prior to, actress Tracee Ellis Ross strived to cultivate a new relationship within the curly community.

Ross also teaches women how to love their hair and prioritize its care with her natural hair brand, Pattern Beauty.

 Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter, is the owner of one of the top international multicultural beauty brands in the natural hair community.

Dubbed the “modern day Madame C.J. Walker,” Mahisha Dellinger created her brand CURLS, which has flourished into a natural haircare dynasty and staple among Black women-owned beauty products.

She aims to use her life’s work to inspire other people to reach their goals just like her predecessor
Madam C.J. Walker.

Jasmine Lawrence founded EDEN BodyWorks to create an alternative brand offering affordable solutions and ways for women like her to lead healthier lives.

Lawrence models what a true entrepreneur looks like today. What she enjoys most about her impactful work is knowing how much her brand means to consumers.

Oui the People founder Karen Young had a mission for her brand after noticing the lack of beauty conversations addressing women’s problems with existing brands and living up to unrealistic standards.

 With Oui the People, Young set out to create shaving products made to build women’s confidence up instead of shaming them.

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