These Couples Share Their Baecation Alternatives During The Pandemic

If you’re struggling with planning a baecation for you and your significant other or simply don’t know how, no worries.

In celebration of National Spouse Day (Jan. 26), we caught up with some of our favorite Black traveling couples to hear how they are planning trips and adjusting during the global health crisis.

Rennes and Ola

Rennes and Ola met as expats in 2015. In 2019, Ola proposed. They planned a destination wedding in Mexico and a honeymoon in Bali but the pandemic altered their plans.

“We got married in NYC where we currently reside."
"We are looking forward to welcoming our families (from various countries) to celebrate our wedding and one-year anniversary in Mexico.”

Chris and Jay

Chris and Jay met while working for a travel company. The couple values creating epic memories and sharing new experiences together.

“We’ve started gravitating more towards places where we can be outside with nature and away from big crowds.” 

“Road trips across the US became our best friends!”

Desiree and Marquis

Desiree and Marquis met as flight attendants.

"We check travel restrictions, quarantine restrictions, and cancellation policies when booking since things are unpredictable.”

“[We] hope that travel gains some sort of normalcy sooner than later. We are definitely ready to get back at it.”

Siphelele and Tirrell

Siphelele and Tirrell crossed paths by chance during a night out in a small town in Ireland. Five years later they are planning on moving overseas together.

“Our travel plans aren’t as spontaneous anymore. They require a lot more planning and researching COVID-19 restrictions because every country has varying restrictions.”