This Online Platform Helps Black Families Locate Culturally Relevant Childcare Providers

Afrinanny — an online marketplace — is helping families find culturally relevant childcare.

Founder Dr. Irene Okoronkwo-Obika was inspired after struggling to find a provider who met the unique needs of her children.

“I figured that families of Black children need a streamlined way to access providers,” she said.

“Our kids need to be the priority, not the afterthought.”

She noted how important it is for Black children to receive childcare that reiterates relevant cultural experiences.

“From birth, the odds are stacked against Black children,” she says.

“It is important for them to have a community around that uplifts and instills cultural pride and identity.”

Dr. Okoronkwo-Obika says she hopes the community will continue to support them by word of mouth.

So this way more people know the platform was designed with them — and their children — in mind.


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