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 The Best Fashion And Women


Travelers recently gave their opinions on the African nations with the dopest fashion sense and the most amazing women.


Traveler @cocoabuttajo let it be known in all caps, that the women in Eritrea are GORG! Tiffany Haddish’s late father was Eritrean, and she took steps to claim dual citizenship.

As far as fashion goes, traditional garb is very regal and loose fitting. It is reminiscent of Arabic garb as well.

South Africa

When you have three Miss Universe winners coming out of your country— including the first to win the pageant wearing her natural hair— you automatically make this list on both fronts.


Another selection from the Travel Noire comment section. Ethiopian women have often been held in high regards in the fashion and modeling world because of their bone structure

The country is also home to several emerging fashion designers who are setting the trend of mixing couture and traditional garb—including Beyoncé Black parade designer Mafi,


Also, did you know Sade was Nigerian?! Naija women are not only stunning with the smarts to match, but they also set the standard when it comes to fashion.


Angolan fashion designer, Nadi Tai, is proof enough that this African nation is leading the way in fashion. According to Forbes, her dresses sell for as much as $10,000.


Two words, Lupita Nyong’o. The skin, the charisma, the styles— it’s everything for us.
We really don’t need to write anything else after that.

Honorable Mentions

We want to give a nod to Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Liberia too!