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Travelers Weigh In On 

Leave it to social media to tell us exactly what we need to know. A recent post on the MoyoAfrica Instagram page asked followers to drop their picks for the African nations with the best men…and food.

The post originated from a reel created by Nigerian-American digital content creator @nnennb, who first gave her ‘Top 5’ countries. But in true social media form, there was a plot twist. 

According to Nnenna the top 4 spots for the African nations with the best men, and food, go to Nigeria. She left number 5 for Ghana.

This led MoyoAfrica’s creators to ask followers to drop their picks. Here are the African nations with the best men, and food, according to social media.

Let us know if they got it right!


Again, Nnenna B. said it, we’re just the messenger. From Asun to widely debated jollof rice, Nigeria holds its own for West African cuisine.

According to restaurant owner Beatrice Ajaero, food is the center of community gathering in Nigerian culture. As for the men, we’ll just take Nnenna’s word. 


We’ve all seen that viral photo of the perfectly chiseled men said to be from Ghana, floating around. So our guess is that’s how it made the list.

Ghanian food is not to be overlooked, either. One of our favorite street foods is Kelewele. The plantains will melt in your mouth. They are served crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside.


A user stated that the DRC definitely deserved to be on the list for the men alone. She wasn’t too certain about the cuisine. Someone followed up letting her know the food was also noteworthy.

Manioc and foo foo are popular staples, but we hear the pastries in Brazzaville are not to be missed.


Traveler said she would take a Senegalese man any day, and that from what she heard, the jollof slaps too.

Another commenter brought up mogul and entertainer Akon, as a reason to add Senegal to the list. We never looked at him in that way, but maybe we need to go back.

Honorable Mentions

Between Nnenna’s and MoyoAfrica’s comment sections, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, and South Africa each deserve a nod, too.