9 Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World

People want a career that has a healthy work and travel balance. The best of both worlds: bleisure

These careers will allow you to travel for work and business while remaining productive. 


Brands pay bloggers and influencers to embark on experiences. If you're funny, consistent, and not afraid to share your opinion, this is for you.

Teach English Abroad 

Explore new cultures and help residents improve their language proficiency in countries all around the world. 

Day Trading 

Use your phone anywhere in the world to check your investments, stocks, gains, and losses. 

Freelance Photographer 

Being able to tell a story through images can lead to some promising work opportunities. 

Traveling Chef 

Opportunities are endless for traveling chefs. You may end up being booked by a celebrity or working on a Caribbean cruise.

Traveling Nurse 

Travel nurses trek across the globe treating patients. Increase your chances of landing traveling assignments by getting licensed in each state.


Join FEMA, the Peace Corps, or Habitat for Humanity and build homes around the world for victims of natural disasters. 

Flight Attendant 

Becoming a flight attendant may be the career for you if you want to work and travel while having a flexible schedule.


Work as a translator helping others while traveling and learning about various cultural habits, traditions, and languages.



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