9 Craziest Fines Imposed By The FAA For Unruly Passengers


After more than a year of being in the house, people have obviously forgotten how to act. And the FAA fines for acting out on an airplane are getting crazier than ever.

In recent months, it’s felt like there’s a new news story about some passenger or another acting out on an aircraft.

The federal agency recently issued a press release documenting the 30 most expensive airline incidents — and we decided to take a look at the 9 craziest fines imposed by the FAA for travelers.

The passenger allegedly physically & verbally assaulted other passengers & shouted obscenities at the crew members after they moved her to a different seat.

Allegiant Air

FAA hit this passenger with A $17k fine after failing to wear a mask; vaping & drinking alcohol not served by the airline.

Republic Airlines

This menace was interfering with crew members after refusing to comply with the facemask mandate; ignoring the fastened seatbelt sign, and pushing a flight attendant.

American Airlines

This passenger was repeatedly kicking the aircraft bulkhead, screaming obscenities at the passenger next to her; locked herself in the lavatory for 30 minutes and MORE.

Frontier Airlines

This passenger was interfering with crew members after refusing to comply with the facemask mandate. She also shouted obscenities at the flight crew & punched the passenger in the face.


A passenger from Atlanta to NYC began interfering with the flight attendants’ deplaning procedures upon arrival, assaulting two flight attendants, threatening to kill one of them.

Frontier Airlines

A guy lost his freedom after assaulting passengers because someone wouldn’t change seats to accommodate his partner. He said he’d need to bail him out for the crimes he threatened to commit. 


The flight never made its destination because a man failed to comply with the facemask mandate, making stabbing gestures towards certain passengers; and snorting what appeared to be cocaine.


The plane never made it to its final destination because a passenger began throwing objects at other passengers & then grabbing a flight attendant by the ankles & putting his head up her skirt.


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