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8 Times Black Celebs 

Sometimes our favorite Black celebs show up and show out on social media giving us inspo needed for our next travel adventure.

While we all may not get to experience things as lavishly, here are some of the most luxurious Black celeb vacations that have us wishing we were travel friends!


One thing about Beyoncé is that everyone is going on the trip. We love seeing her on a yacht with her husband, children, homegirls, and Ms. Tina.

Will Smith

Will seems like that friend that will keep you laughing the entire time. His antics on social media prove just that - he’ll always document the trip with some cool videos and graphics.


We can always count on Ashanti to show the true meaning of bliss, and we can’t help but to stan! One of our favorite photos is of her enjoying her 40th birthday when she ate and left no crumbs.

Another reason why we wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to be travel buddies with Ashanti is that she’s definitely going to be the friend to enjoy some adventure with you.

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowe

These two are travel bae goals because they’re always vacationing together, and looking good while relaxing. Can we get into all that melanin?

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey will always deliver. When it’s time to vacation in style, she’s the travel friend that understands the assignment!

Naomi Campbell

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Campbell revealed that when she needs to unplug from the world, she heads to her luxurious villa in Malindi, located on the Indian Ocean coast

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one who is not only down for some adventure, but he’s going to bring the family along for the ride. There’s nothing like sharing an experience with people you love the most.

Taraji P. Henson

It was Taraji turning 50 on the yacht for us. Her mini-photo shoot with friends has us thinking that traveling is the key to aging with grace, as she doesn’t look a day over 20.

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