8 Over-The-Top Luxury Villas In Mexico For A Girls' Trip

As far are you’re concerned, 2020 didn’t count. You want a do-over. A fresh start. And you’ve decided it’s time for a girl’s trip, and the best place to facilitate that is in Mexico.

You’re craving sunshine, delicious food, and warm, friendly people. And who better to join you on this getaway than a group of your favorite women? It can’t get much better!

Here are 8 villas to consider for a fabulous girls’ trip.

has 7 bedrooms in Punta Mita where you’ll be staying with about 13 of your best girlfriends. In addition to all that the villa provides, enjoy access to the Kupuri Residents-Only Beach Club.

Casa Brisa

You and nine ladies host a reunion over thirty years after your college graduation. Amenities include a swimming pool, maid service, chef, and entry to the Punta Mita Beach Club.

Casa Pacifica

You and your sister have been postponing your trip together for years because life happens. Now your plans are set in stone, and here you are at Villa Saudade in Punta Mita.

Villa Saudade

There are 3,600 feet of elegant, air-conditioned spaces, including open-plan living, dining & kitchen areas, a breakfast bar, 3 bedrooms & 3 full bathrooms. 

Isla Marieta Apartment

Just below Villa Bahia in Puerto Vallarta, the access to the sea is rocky. But you love to paint landscapes, so it’s the perfect reference.  If you’re lucky, you might spot a whale!

Villa Bahia

From the terraces, you can see the Boca de Tomatlán estuary as you sip your morning tea. Enjoy access to not one, but two private swimming pools, one deep enough for diving.

Villa Harmony

Casa Yvonne is on a hill & has modern, well-equipped interiors. You might want to host your corporate retreat here. Take in views & be happy to not be sitting in a stuffy office cubicle. 

Casa Yvonne

There isn’t an inch of this villa that doesn’t impress, from the infinity-edge pool to the verdant grounds. The only time you’ll want to leave is to walk to the beach.

Paraiso Perduto

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