Happy Independence Day: 8 Interesting Facts About Liberia

On July 26, the African nation of Liberia celebrates its Independence Day. To mark this special and celebratory occasion, we are highlighting 8 interesting facts about the country.


Liberia is located on the West African coast and has a population of 5 million. It is bordered by 3 countries; Guinea, Sierra Leone & Ivory Coast. 

It is a Free Black state

In the 19th century Liberia was home to a settlement founded by a community of African-Americans who migrated for a better quality of life

Who was the first President?

Liberia’s first president was  Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a wealthy free man born in Virginia in 1809 who migrated to Liberia as a young man

other firsts

Liberia's the ist African republic to proclaim independence. It's one of the few countries not to be colonized by a European colonial power during the scramble for Africa

Quilt-making culture

It is a tradition introduced by the African-American settlers in Liberia who came in the 1820s. Onwards, Liberia held National Fair contests where women would enter their quilts

Smell No Taste

On the Northern-central coast of Liberia there is a town called Smell-No-Taste. The name dates back to World War II when Liberia became a landing site for Trans-Atlantic military flights

Flag of Convenience

 the country has status as “a flag of convenience”, meaning that vessels intended for international travel can be registered under the state of Liberia 

Black Freemasonry

The first American-Liberian settlers to arrive included some Freemasons, who eventually founded the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Liberia in 1867. 

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