Invest In These 7 Travel Accessories To Save Major Coins In The Long Run

Traveling can get quite expensive when you factor in the cost of your flight, accommodations, and additional expenses while on vacation. 

There are, of course, ways to save on travel and one of them is investing in accessories that will save you coins in the future. 

These items may not necessarily be cheap when purchasing, but they will save big bucks since you can use them for years to come...

Nothing is worse than destroying your phone due to water damage. Paying to replace your phone is a hefty expense, but it can be avoided by purchasing a waterproof case. 

Waterproof Phone Case

While traveling, there won’t always be power outlets, so it’s best to always have a power bank or two on hand. 

Power Bank

Waze is awesome if you’re driving when on vacation and Google Maps is my favorite when navigating large cities. Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Apple Music, and Spotify are great to keep you entertained.


Think of all the money you spent purchasing water bottles when traveling. If you bring your reusable water bottle with you, you can just refill it.

Reusable Water Bottle

Getting to the airport only to find out your luggage is overweight can be a downer, especially when some airlines charge around $100 to let your overweight bags on the plane. 

Luggage Scale

You can find laundry kits on Amazon and it comes with laundry detergent, a sink stopper, clothesline, and laundry bag. 

Laundry Kit

Investing in a quality backpack can do wonders for your travel experience. We love backpacks because they fit the necessities in one compact bag and are carried with ease. 

Durable Backpack

Happy travels!