Unless You Use These 7 Tips!


Eating well can be a challenge & adding travel to the equation can make it the last thing on your list. If you plan ahead & commit to finding healthy options on any menu, eating well can be easier

We have a few tips to help you beat the travel weight gain.

One of the best ways to save money & keep your eating habits on the healthier side is to pack your own airport snacks. 

Pre-Pack Airport Snacks

Thanks to stores like Trader Joe's you can pick up nuts, dark chocolate covered almonds, and snack-size treats to keep you from buying that Cinnabon or pastry before boarding your flight.

Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day, so be sure not to skip it. 

Eat Breakfast

Oatmeal with flaxseeds or a protein-packed omelet with veggies can help curb your urge to have snacks in between meals.

We just talked about having protein when starting your day, but it should be a staple throughout your day because it will keep you fuller longer. 

Make Protein A Priority

Protein doesn’t have to be chicken or beef, you can opt for chickpeas, fish, apples, peanut butter, and beans just to name a few.

Eating your vegetables can be tough when you’re on the road but there are easy ways to make the nutrient-rich food group a priority. 

Eat Your Veggies With Every Meal

If your meal comes with fries, sub them for a side salad or any other vegetable the menu offers. One thing to be mindful of on menus are salads because they too can be packed with calories.

Since condiments like salad dressing and secret sauces can be backed with unsuspecting calories, ask for it on the side.

Get Your Dressings And Sauces On The Side

Staying hydrated is important throughout our travels. Pack a glass or stainless steel water bottle to refill since some airports have free filtered water stations.

Pack A Reusable Water Bottle

Since eating out can get pricey when you’re traveling and can pack on the pounds, cook a meal a day on your own in between trying the must-visit restaurants on your list.

Cook Your Meals

travel doesn't mean to fall off the wagon. Stay the course!