7 Things New Yorkers Want You 

There’s no question about it, New York is the child with an endless supply of energy. From Brooklyn to Harlem and beyond, there’s always something going on, even when you least expect it.

New York is a melting pot of cultures, but there are social mores and ways of doing things that transcend the differences. 

If you don’t want to stand out as a clueless tourist, here are seven things New Yorkers want you to bear in mind when navigating The Empire State.

NYers have a rep for being standoffish. The general rule is mind the business that pays you but in times of distress, 9 out of 10 times somebody will help.

Natives Get A Bad Rap, But...

Saying you’ve seen New York when you’ve only been to Manhattan, is like saying you know France because you’ve been to Paris. Each borough offers a different experience.

NY Is More Than Just Manhattan

The train system can be overwhelming, even for natives. But try not to overthink. If you’ve taken the train in cities like Paris or The Bay, you’ll probably be fine.

The Trains Are A Whole New World

Showtime entails dancers swinging from poles & breakdancing. You’ll notice many commuters won’t react but feel free to applaud, take videos or give a few dollars to the dancers.

Get Used To "Showtime!"

“Let’s hang out in Times Square!” said no New Yorker ever, though they might bite the bullet if they’re entertaining a friend from out of town. 

Times Square Is For Tourists

If you & 15 friends want to take that group photo in front of the Empire State Building, don’t spread across a busy sidewalk. You’ll get a dirty look or get cursed out.

Be Mindful of Sidewalk Etiquette

Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn will roast each other, and it’s usually tongue in cheek. At the end of the day, it’s all love.

The Borough Rivalry Is A Thing…

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