Sneaky Link? Here Are 7 Subterranean Bars In New York Hidden From The Crowds

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NYC is the city that never sleeps and is known
for its hustle & bustle. But, what happens if you
want something less congested, a chic little
hideaway hidden from the prying eyes of the street?

Are there bars where you can take a close
friend or lover for drinks and food, without
having to shout across the table because
the music and the patrons are too loud?

Here are seven low-key
bars to check out the 

next time you’re in The
Big Apple.

The Tippler

This sexy haunt in a cellar below Chelsea Market
is very easy to miss because the name is so small. Look for another, brighter sign that says “OPEN,” step through the doors & head on down.

The Ship

Down on Lafayette is The Ship, once described as a place where Captain Haddock would meet Tintin.
It’s one of the few bars in NYC that keep the
tradition of downscale drinking alive.

bootlegger jacks

This animated speakeasy in Astoria is located
underneath Uncle Jack’s Meat House.Aside from
 the modern music, you can almost imagine you’re
in The Great Gatsby era with the decor.


On Chrystie Street in Manhattan is Figure Nineteen
at the rear of an art gallery.It’s decadent with
masculine accents & art-adorned walls, makingfor
an impressive entrance every time.

Little Branch

This bar has a conservative color palette,
dim lights, low ceilings. If you aren’t sure
what you’d like, let the bartender know your preferred liquor, and they’ll take it from there.


This awesome bar on Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn
isn’t REALLY subterranean. If you like house music
and want to support some great local DJs, this is
the spot to be.