7 Great Ideas To Turn A Basic Camping Trip Into Glamping

Glamping has become the newest, and hottest, way to vacation. Thanks to the pandemic changing the way we enjoy our vacations, people have been forced to get creative with things.

For those of us who aren’t used to “roughing it” in Mother Nature, glamping makes it easy to enjoy the Great Outdoors without sacrificing access to luxurious amenities.

Many people think that it’s expensive. But believe it or not, glamping doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

We’ve come up with this list of 7 great ideas to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Portable fire pits are a must-have for a proper glamping experience. Nobody’s trying to rub two sticks together to cook some leaves! 

Bring a Portable Fire Pit

This four-season yurt can easily accommodate a family of four without having to worry about waking up to find creepy crawlers in your tent.

A Luxury Tent (or a Yurt) is a Must-Have

Tin can lanterns don’t just look good — they’re essential for some much-needed light during your glamping experience. And the best part: they’re really inexpensive, too!

Tin Can Lanterns!

These aren’t your grandma’s waterproof tablecloths. Decorative, yet functional, all-weather tablecloths are essential to keep your food separate from the ground.

Waterproof Tablecloths

Now that you have the tablecloth, you’re definitely going to need a table that will serve a two-in-one function.

Suitcase Table

Looking for a little bit of extra lighting? Consider portable twinkle lights, which give just the right amount of light without becoming annoying.

Twinkle Lights

No glamping experience is complete without a good full-service bed set, which includes an air mattress, waterproof comforter and sheet set, and pillows. 

Waterproof Bed Set

The next time you want to jazz up your camping experience, consider these tips and tricks to have that much-needed glam experience.