Here Are 7 Great Mountain Biking Destinations To Explore

Mountain biking opens up opportunities for us to explore the great outdoors, whether it’s on a designated path in the woods, up a winding mountain, or along a road running parallel with the sea. 

When you’re pedaling up those hills, that lactic acid burn in your thighs probably won’t feel so great, but you’ll reap the benefits of that arduous ride for years to come.

Ready to start hammering those pedals? Here are seven great destinations for a mountain biking adventure.

As states, when winter concludes, “bike racks quickly replace ski racks, and bikers can enjoy red-rock shelves, creekside tracks, high- mountain passes and aspen- lined loops.”


Get up close and personal with South Africa while astride a bike.
Tokai Forest offers a mountain trail, and is part of Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town.

south africa

If you’re a hardcore rider looking for challenge and a bit of danger, there are options galore, and the same applies for those looking for something less arduous. 


 Many go to Jamaica for the welcoming vibe.But did you know that the island’s Blue Mountain Peak is the highest in all the English-speaking Caribbean? That makes for great biking opportunities.


If you’re staying in Edinburgh, Scotland, you can drive to Tweed Valley in approximately an hour. You can also book accommodations near the Valley, if you want to be closer.


Three of the best parts of California for mountain biking are in and around “The Bay Area, San Diego and The Sierra Nevadas,” according to 57 Hours.


When you don’t feel like dealing with hostile vehicular traffic in New York City, and none of the parks are cutting it, pack up your bike and head to The Catskills.

new york

Fresh air and wide, open spaces. What’s not to love about that?