7 Islands In The Caribbean For Gay Friendly Travel

If you’re an LGBT+ person looking for gay friendly travel in The Caribbean, you should know that this collection of islands isn’t necessarily more or less homophobic than any other part of the world.

While some Caribbean islands are much slower to evolve with respect to gay rights, there are several that have made meaningful strides in this regard.

Here are seven islands in The Caribbean that are open to gay friendly travel.

It makes sense that St. Martin, being French and Dutch, would adopt the same progressive stance on homosexuality as its parents.

St. Martin

On the French side, there’s Marigot, described by some as a miniature French Riviera, with its charming little shops, restaurants, and its port, which allows you to island hop easily.

You can rest assured that the locals aren’t going to be pressed, worried, or concerned about who you take to bed. Saline Beach is said to be good for cruising, especially for gay men.

St. Barts

When it comes to embracing LGBT+ culture,  Puerto Rico is definitely a leader in the Caribbean. The island celebrates two pride parades annually.

Puerto Rico

This beautiful Dutch island hosts many parties and cultural events in honor of Pride Month in June.


Gay Pride was scaled down this year because of the pandemic. But if you’re in town when the full-fledged event is happening, get ready for a colorful celebration of a vibrant community.


There is an underlying conservatism in St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands, but you shouldn’t have much trouble here if you’re gay.

St. Croix

This island is known for its sophisticated blend of French and Caribbean flavor.As articulated by Wow Travel, “in terms of laws and general sentiment, Martinique is very gay friendly.”


It isn’t helpful to be paranoid. But it’s worth it to do research and check with LGBT+ people who have traveled to your island of interest. for more insight, head over to travel noire.