7 Fashion Designers From Africa To Support For Your Travel Outfits

Consider supporting fashion designers from Africa for your travel outfits. From the bold patterns and unique style, you are sure to turn heads. Oh, and your vacation photos will be lit!

If you want to take your travel fashions up a notch, here are 7 fashion designers from Africa to support your next vacation.

This luxury fashion brand is for the global citizen.Named after Aisha Ayensu’s grandmother, Christie is proudly made in Ghana & shares its heritage through its aesthetic and design.

Christie Brown

Imane Ayissi was born in Cameroon into a family of artists and athletes within the National Ballet of Cameroon, where Ayissi got involved in fashion and later became a stylist.

Imane Ayissi

Thebe Magugu is a luxury South African fashion brand offering ready-to-wear collections while exploring parallel concepts through multidisciplinary capsule projects.

Thebe Magugu

This South African knitwear brand founded in 2012 by Laduma Ngxokolo was made to create a modern & premium Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics

Maxhosa Africa

Founder John Tchoudi felt passionate about the lack of luxury African fashion brands and wanted to dispel the belief that luxury style is reserved for the West.


The label combines elements from the designer’s dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots. Inspired by art, music, and literature, Ahluwalia pieces are one of a kind.


A A K S was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi to introduce the world to her favorite weaving techniques done by the women of Ghana while also creating and igniting sustainable jobs within Africa.


these brands can be found in 60 stores worldwide including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Bloomingdales.