Wipe Me Down: Here Are The 7 Dirtiest Places You'll Encounter While Traveling

No matter where you travel, there will always be germs. Even the cleanest people will end up sick at least once after a trip.

Here are 7 of the dirtiest places you’ll encounter while traveling


Touch screen kiosks
touch screens are a collection of everyone’s fingerprints and germs. While they help to speed things up when we travel, they are also pretty filthy!
You can only imagine how often these get disinfected after each flight. seat trays are pretty gross.
Seat trays
Seat pockets
People store everything in the seat pockets. Just be sure to wash your hands often to cut down on the spread of those germs.
Airplane bathrooms
those micro-bathrooms are incubators for germs. But when you gotta go then you gotta go. Again, soap and sanitizer are your friends.
Pillows and blankets
Who wants to be cold and uncomfortable when traveling? Unfortunately, these amenities come at a cost. If you can, bring your own blankets and pillowcases.
Hotel remotes
This is a no brainer.  Wipe remotes down thoroughly once you've arrived at your hotel and ever so often during the duration of your trip.
This is similar to the remote situation. There are lots of random hands touching the same place. You might want to invest in the Costco sized wipes.
 The handrails we encounter are dirty. There’s just no way around it except to wash or sanitize immediately after touching one.

make sure you have masks, gloves and disinfectant every time you travel!