7 Winter Destinations To Consider For The Perfect Cold Weather Trip

Winter is indeed coming, much to the dismay of those who thrive when the sun is shining & the temperature is high. But c’est la vie. This just means it’s time to start looking at winter destinations!

The fun doesn’t have to stop in the cooler months & there are plenty of great destinations for that special winter getaway with family and friends.

Here are seven of our favorite winter destinations.

When most people think of Switzerland, skiing is one of the first things that come to mind. It hosts many festivals throughout the year, so there will be plenty to keep you occupied.


When it comes to winter fun, Utah has plenty for everybody, from couples seeking a romantic getaway, to families with active children. The snow has so many possibilities.


It’s only right that Colorado made the list. Denver is lovely, but if you’re a hardcore winter enthusiast, Aspen, Telluride, Vail, and Breckenridge might be more your speed.


There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush that comes with ice climbing in the French Alps. Of course, this isn’t something you can just do alone. Get in touch with a licensed professional.

French Alps

Our northern neighbors know how to bring it when it comes to winter activity. And our idea of freezing is probably a walk in the park for Canadians.


NYC always has something going on in the fall and winter. The Thanksgiving Day Parade, the tree at Rockefeller Center, the winter markets at Union Square and Bryant Park. 

New York

Most people associate sun and beaches with Italy, but the Italian Alps are incredible. Famous natural features include Adamello, The Dolomites, Monte Bianco, and the Aosta Valley.

Italian Alps

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