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7 Destinations That Have The Best Sunsets 

You can enjoy the sunset anywhere, but let’s be honest, not all sunsets are created equal.

If you’re visiting The United States, The Caribbean, or heading across the Atlantic, here are seven spots to take in the sun’s dramatic final act.


Whether you’re on the Big Island or one of the smaller, Hawaii has legendary sunsets. On the Big Island, you can hike up the side of Mauna Kea or head to Kauai or Oahu to watch the sunset.


Negril offers some of the best sunsets in Jamaica. If you want to do it big, rent a catamaran for about twenty of your friends. Pre-game at Margaritaville then sail to Rick’s Café for more fun.


So, we’ve gone from tropical oases to The United Kingdom? Yes! There are several spots in the sleepy town of Aberystwyth for sunset viewing.


There are many great spots in California for sunsets, and our favs include: The Golden Gate Bridge, Los Angeles & San Diego, home of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.


Mainland Spain offers great sunsets, but the Balearic Islands or Ibiza,  Formentera, Mallorca & Menorca might be better. They all offer completely different experiences.


When the sun sets here, an otherworldly effect is created, especially out in the desert where sky and sand fuse into one. The sky comes alive int a kaleidoscope of colors.

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