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6 Destinations

With lower temperatures and moderate prices, Fall is the perfect time to plan a trip.

 If you are looking for some travel inspiration, here are a few top spots to consider.

Québec, Canada

You will see the most vibrant Fall colors in Québec mid-September to November. Head to Mount Royal Park and the Montreal Botanical Gardens to witness nature’s spectacular show.

Big Sur, California

While driving through Big Sur, you can expect to see stunning views of redwood forests and pristine coastline that come alive during the fall months.

Sardinia, Italy

A fall getaway to Sardinia means ideal weather and much less crowded white sand beaches along the Mediterranean. The fall festival season is also full of Italian traditions.

Cairo, Egypt

October is a great time to visit. Shorter lines will make sight-seeing much more enjoyable at otherwise highly trafficked areas like the pyramids at Giza, ancient mosques & local markets.

Lanai, Hawaii

October temperatures average in the 70s with very little rainfall allowing you ample time to explore the many beaches, forests, and rugged terrain.

Bali, Indonesia

Fall is your chance to experience the quiet Bali. With fewer crowds, the low season may bring rain, but it also brings lower prices and a much more tranquil experience. 

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