Meet The 5 Young Climate Activists Making A Difference In Africa

Climate change is a global issue and has created discussions around the world. World leaders, scientists, policymakers, environmentalists & everyday people are concerned about the future of the planet

more young people are stepping into roles within this debate.  the world that has been forged will affect them over the next decades, and their activism may contribute to reverse global warming trend.

We wanted to highlight and applaud these young African leaders who are taking on climate change in Africa.

Nyombi Morris is a 23-year-old climate justice activist from Luzira, Kampala in Uganda. He is also the social media manager of the “Rise Up” Movement.

Nyombi Morris – Uganda

Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi is a 20-year-old global teen leader and social entrepreneur who was born in Benin-City and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi – Nigeria

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is a 37-year-old indigenous woman from the Mbororo people. The Mbororo are a nomadic group whose flocks and herds graze around beautiful Lake Chad.

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim – Chad

Shaama Sandooyea is a 24-year-old young marine biologist and climate activist from Mauritius, an island nation in East Africa.

Shaama Sandooyea – Mauritius

Marie is an ecofeminist and social entrepreneur who is passionate about protecting her native Madagascar, an island country off the southeastern coast of Africa.

Marie Christina Kolo – Madagascar

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