5 Ways Millennials Can 

As we enter the final quarter of the year, it’s time to plan and budget for next year’s travel destinations. What’s the first thing we need? MONEY.

Traveling nonstop would be great if money wasn’t an issue. Between hotel stays, fine dining, and adventure you can’t get at home, you always want to make sure you get your money’s worth and then some.

We spoke to some money experts on effective, easy ways to save for your ultimate trip.

Open a separate bank account designated for travel & deposit a certain amount of money from your paycheck into this account. Never touch it unless for vacation purposes!

vacation savings account

Meet with a financial advisor & create a financial plan for yourself. This is a way to make money long-term & shouldn’t be viewed as another expense. 

Set goals & get a financial advisor

Plan your trip six months to a year in advance. You don’t want to be rubbing two pennies together two months before your trip, praying hundreds of dollars will magically appear.

Plan smarter not harder

Take a look at your expenses to see how much you spend on a regular basis. Apps such as Digit, Acorns, Clarity Money, and Mint allow you to track your expenses. 

Calculate your expenses

This money is separate from your primary income, your startup business, or second job, etc. As millennials, we are smart at maximizing our resources, now let’s maximize those pockets.

Get a side hustle

get your coin together and get back out there!

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