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5 Things To Do On The 

The African island of Zanzibar is one of Africa’s hot spots, offering a plethora of fun and exciting activities. 

Whether you’re a foodie, animal lover, or history buff, the island has something for everyone. Not to be confused with Madagascar, which sits farther off mainland Africa.

These are five of the best things to do in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Snorkeling at Nakupenda

Zanzibar’s coral reefs are home to an abundance of marine life species. This makes snorkeling one of the best things to do there. One great location for snorkeling is Nakupenda.

Baraka Natural Aquarium

Visitors have the unique opportunity to swim with endangered sea turtles. The aquarium functions as a rescue & rehabilitation center for turtles.

Forodhani Night Market

This market is held at Forodhani Gardens every night from 6-9. The market features rows of food stalls offering a mix of cuisines reflecting Zanzibar‘s melting pot of cultures.

Slave Market

Zanzibar was a major hub in the East African slave trade. Visit the Old Slave Market to remember the countless lives stolen from the Motherland and forced into slavery.

Changuu Island

Changuu Island is commonly known as Prison Island because it was originally intended to be used as one. Instead, it was used to quarantine people infected with yellow fever.

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