Taste Of The Caribbean: 5 Local Foods To Try In Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is the melting pot of the Caribbean and as such the cuisine represents the mélange of cultures.

Creole influence is reflected in one-pot staple dishes in the Caribbean & when the East Indians migrated for work, they brought their traditional spices along which became a staple in Trini cooking

Try some of these popular meals the next time you hit up the island for vacation or their legendary carnival celebrations.


This very popular Trinidadian street food consists of two fried baras (flatbreads) doused in a savory curry channa (curried chickpeas). For extra flavor, try it with pepper sauce or chutney.

bake and shark

The bake is made from fried dough and filled with chunks of well-seasoned, fried shark meat. This fast food can be found at Maracas Beach along the Northern coast.


Pholourie is a rounded fritter that consists of a fried split pea batter and is typically served with tamarind or mango chutney.

Buss up shut

Paratha is the official name of this buttery, layered bread that has been beaten with a spoon just after cooking. This roti can be served with a variety of curried meats.


This one-pot dish starts with browning the meat for color, before adding peas, rice, and vegetables to cook in the sauce. The pièce de résistance is the coconut milk for texture.

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