5 European Clubs For Swingers And Other "Lifestyle" Travelers

Several European clubs offer exciting options for “lifestyle” travelers, broadly defined as those who are into swinging, BDSM, nudism, or a combination of the three.

Once upon a time, these kinds of activities weren’t so broadly advertised, but now people engage in them openly and without shame.

Here are just a few great European clubs for travelers seeking to spice up their trip.


Bring a bathing suit for the pool, or skinny-dip- it’s Europe, nobody is going to care. There are a few nooks here and there that are more closed off but don’t expect much privacy.


It’s going to be hard to miss the play area, as the walls are made of glass. There’s a kink room just behind it as well, rounding out an ideal venue for those looking for a sexy affordable time.


Women are required to wear a dress or skirt, and couples also must be well put together. You’ll have to cut through the people dancing to get to the smoking room and the play areas beyond.

moon city

Think of a naughty spa, but the sex is separate for hygiene reasons. Have a romp in one of the 10 playrooms of various sizes, sip something at the bar, and unwind in the hammam and Jacuzzi.


Insomnia isn’t as cis/hetero-centered as the other clubs; gay, bisexual, pansexual and other non-straight people are always welcome. The transgender community will also find a home here.

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