5 Essentials You Should Pack Before Going On A Hike

One of the travel trends that has emerged since the pandemic among Black millennials is hiking. 

There are over 400 national park sites in the U.S., making it easy to find a location to hike in your area. 

If you’re new to hiking or an avid hiker, here are 5 essentials you should always have on deck. 

Make sure you always have a portable charger with you to avoid completely losing connection, especially if you’re relying on GPS. 

A Portable Charger

Temperatures can change while hiking through different altitudes. It’s essential to pack layers such as a rain jacket or light hoodie.

Layers Of Clothing

Staying hydrated is extremely vital. As you hike, it’s important to drink at least one quart of water per hour. 

Bottle Of Water

You should always be prepared by having a travel-sized first-aid kit light enough to fit in your backpack.

A Travel-Sized First-Aid Kit And Whistle 

Having a whistle is great in case you’re trapped and need help or feel threatened. 

Sometimes weather forecasts aren’t accurate and you may get caught in the rain. It’s essential have a waterproof bag or bag cover.

Waterproof Bag

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