Sweets You Should Taste While In Brazil


Brazil has lots to do to fuel your curiosity. This Latin nation offers vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture that tourists can explore and learn more about. 

Eating great Afro-Brazilian sweets can also be a delicious experience due to the abundance of coconut, corn & sugar. But make no mistake, each sweet treat has its own unique flavor.

Heading to Brazil?

Here are five Afro-Brazilian sweets that will melt in your mouth while you are there.

This intensely yellow custard combines egg yolks, sugar, butter, shredded coconut & coconut milk. This recipe was created by Afro-Brazilian cookers in the 17th century, during slavery.


The pamonha is a delicious recipe made with grated sweet corn wrapped in corn husk. It’s an Afro-Indigenous recipe created in the Midwest region of Brazil. 


In Brazil, Afro-Brazilians created their own couscous, implementing coconut porridge, cow milk, butter & sugar. This couscous is usually served for breakfast, dessert, or a snack.

Coconut Couscous

Made with only coconut and sugar, this sweet treat was developed by African enslaved people in Brazil, and it became very popular all over the country, mainly in the Northeast region.


Mungunzá is a sweet that combines white corn, coconut porridge, coconut milk, cinnamon, white or brown sugar.


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