3 African Tribes You Likely Didn't Know Were Present Today

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, after Asia, and the only one which stretches across both the northern and Southern Hemisphere. 

The continent’s rich diversity is reflected in the multiple languages spoken across the continent. In South Africa alone, there are 11 official languages.

To learn a bit more about some of these African tribes still active today, Travel Noire consulted Dr. Gina Paige and Akosua Awusi.

The Mende people are one of the two largest African tribes in Sierra Leone. And they are part of a larger group of Mende-speaking people, known for being farmers and hunters.


One thing to note about the Mende, according to Dr. Paige, is that they have these societies that help initiate young people into adulthood.

These are the artists and the artisans of the culture. They are a Northern Bantoid ethnic group native to Cameroon and can be found in the northwest part of the country.


They historically are descended from royalty.

This is a subset of the Akan people from the eastern region of Ghana. 


Historians believe that the name is derived from the myth, “The slave died,” based on ancient prophecy that a slave would die so the wandering tribe of Akan would know where to put down roots.

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