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 Businesses To Support


Pride month is here. To showcase support for the queer community, consider looking into LGBTQ Black-owned businesses.

The community experiences discrimination in most aspects of life and financially uplifting the vulnerable demographic can help LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and families get that much closer to stability.

Here is a list of 11 LGBTQ+ Black-owned businesses that you should consider supporting for Pride Month 2021 and going forward.

Hella Thrifty

Hella Thrifty is a queer-owned online e-commerce founded by the California native who combined her passions for 80s/90s fashion with her love for finding hidden thrift gems.

Feelmore Adult Gallery

The founder of Feelmore Adult Gallery, Nenna Joiner, established the Bay Area’s only Black-AFAB-owned adult sex store. 

BatMe Cosmetics

This transgender-owned makeup business allows the most colorful you to come out. The eyeshadow palettes include bright-colored tones and earthy nudes for the best blended masterpieces.

Harvest & Revel

Harvest & Revel was founded by Brooklyn-based caterer, Sara Elise. The catering company provides services for modern and luxury private events. 

Bloom & Plume

Bloom & Plume was founded by floral artist, Maurice Harris. He runs a very popular Los Angeles floral and art space under the same name as the coffee shop.

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Founded by Ariell Johnson, the space is meant to build more representation and inclusivity in the comic-book industry, which is heavily male-dominated.

Koyuki Panda

This art shop is inspired by Japanese Anime and Black women figures. Gigi creates personalized sketches, mangas, and illustrations for her customers to purchase through her online store.


This lasered jewelry brand uses high-technology to etch out their bold designs that are handcrafted to the smallest detail. Their designs are fashion forward with a futuristic feel.

Bye Gender Apparel

Founder, Norelle produces #TransIsBeautiful t-shirts to help fund trans living expenses and necessary surgeries and procedures for gender confirmations.

Decolonizing Fitness

Decolonizing Fitness is a social awareness platform that helps trans folk through their health and wellness journeys by promoting inclusivity for all body types and modifications. 

Detour Coffee Bar

Owner Mike offers an assortment of coffee drinks, tea, smoothies and more— while also getting creative with his seasonal specials.

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