10 Haitian-Owned Beauty And

First commemorated in 1998, Haitian Heritage Month is recognized in May as a month-long celebration and extension of Haiti’s patriotic day of celebration, Haitian Flag Day.

The holiday is only on May 18 but in the United States, Haitians are honored with Haitian Heritage Month to pay homage to the diaspora and their country’s cultural sentiments. 

While, Haitian Heritage Month is still ongoing, here are 10 Haitian-owned wellness brands you should support!

This 100% natural and handmade skincare line is located in Gainesville, Florida. The wellness brand infuses various oils together that are beneficial for all types of skin.

Karré Beauty

The vegan approach to skincare and the homemade manufacturing of the owner’s products show us how much she cares about her brand’s impact. Items start at $6.

HGC is paving the way with its colorful soaps & body scrubs that are handmade with natural ingredients. The handcrafted line includes soaps, scrubs, creams, and beard oil.

Haitian Gold Cosmétiques

Terra Oils is redefining hair love with its pure oils that can complement all hair textures. They remain health-conscious to produce high-quality treatments for fragile hair curl patterns. 

Terra Oils

This brand uses botanical florals & roots to calm down skin irritation & redness. They use botanical blends that can be steamed for respiratory health and overall skin improvement.

Soleil Beauty

This small skincare brand highlights women with darker complexions. They use all-natural essential oil skincare line mocha and espresso to rejuvenate skin. Items start at $5.

Shot Of Espresso

Bliss & Sass is a health and beauty brand that uses rose quartz beauty tools and simple skincare products. The self-care line takes pride in rejuvenating skin through healthy ingredients. 

Bliss & Sass

These 100% vegan/cruelty-free floral fragrances are created by Tatiana Fortune with love and intention and this is evident through their long-lasting fragrances. 

Aromatic Perfume Oils

They are popular for their multi-purpose oils and body scrubs, infusing only the best of ingredients that are non-toxic to the skin. There are no chemicals used. 

Bèl Moun Cosmetics

L'Afrique infuses the natural fragrances from African & Caribbean places around the globe to authentically capture the beautiful fresh scent of Africa & its beautiful culture.

L'Afrique Candle Company

This soy candle brand focuses on bringing peaceful fragrances to everyone’s home. Fragrances range from lavender to Chai spice.

Shay Pierre Luxury Candles

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