10 Global Black-Owned 

Most major sneaker brands are not Black-owned. Juggernaut sneaker companies like Converse, Nike, Adidas, and New Balance attract millions of Black customers worldwide but have non-Black founders. 

Black athletes, musicians, and entertainers have all collaborated and even sold out individual unique designs of these various global brands.

There is even a very longstanding sense of sneaker culture within the Black community alone. Footwear is highly-coveted and is viewed as critical components to a person’s wardrobe and style. 

So, here is a list of Black-owned sneaker brands that you can support.

ML Neik’s Design Studio is a Black-woman founded sneaker brand that thrives through Etsy. The unique, vibrant designs have attracted a loyal virtual fanbase. 

ML Neik’s Design Studio

Nagast takes an African-Egyptian perspective on uniquely designed shoe silhouettes. He primarily uses the colors of his national flag and incorporates them in every shoe design.

Nagast Footwear

This running shoe brand is a great exercise shoe for runners and long endurance workouts. These shoes have built in mesh and are firm enough for extra support for your ankle. 


This luxury shoe fashion brand was founded by Ron Donovan 20 years ago. The brand has expanded from upscale sneaker designs to shoes that compliment tuxedo and loftier outfits. 

RonDonovan Footwear

Armando Cabral is strictly a luxury footwear brand that has bold statements with the shapes and sizes of their footwear. He focuses primarily on high-top silhouettes.

Armando Cabral

Negash Apparel loves high-top designs & high-quality fabrics. “Negash” translates to “in line to be king” & you’ll definitely feel like royalty with their lofty designs.

Negash Apparel and Footwear

Sole Rebel is one of the few African sneaker brands that broke into the western market successfully. The light sneaker designs are perfect for everyday use & they can be worn anywhere.

Sole Rebel

Founder of Billione Rikko, Hilton Mutariswa is an African designer that grew his brand from the African leather trade his family has been involved in for generations.

Billione Rikko Hilton Mutariswa

Devlin Carter’s Somewhere In American (SIA) is harder to grab than Jordan’s. The glow-in-the-dark technology on many of the shoes really sets this shoe company apart from the rest.

Somewhere In America

Pyer Moss has had sneakers included in his brand since 2013. His high fashion sneaker designs are shaped wide and large to fit the bold statement of the silhouette. 

pyer moss

These shoes are meant for the runway. His sneakers have multi-purpose use and are designed greatly for fashion lovers who want to add more footwear to their closet. 

Heron Preston

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