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10 African Islands

The growth expected to happen in Africa in the coming years will rank the continent as the second-fastest growing tourism region in the world.

But one thing people fail to miss is the African islands.

From beautiful coastlines, white-sandy beaches, and some unique wildlife you can only witness in these destinations, here are 10 African Islands to know about.

Cape Verde Islands

Located on the west coast of Africa, Cape Verde is one of the most well-known African island countries made up of 10 islands.

Sal is the most popular & the most beautiful. It’s fitting for a place that has beautiful sandy beaches sinking into stunning blue waters. Cepe Verde is the perfect paradise.


Comoros is a volcanic archipelago off Africa’s east coast, in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Mozambique Channel.

The Comoros islands are often overlooked by tourists.The four main islands of the archipelago are referred to as the “perfumed islands” because of the fragrant plant life.

Lamu Island

The first thing you will notice is its unique blend of cultures. The island has been inhabited by Asians, Persians, Indians, Europeans, and Kenyans. 

An interesting fact about Lamu is that there are no roads on the island so you’ll hardly find any vehicles. Old Town has a ton of beautiful architecture so be sure to start your visit with a tour.


Madagascar known as the “big red island” is the largest African island situated in the Indian Ocean, and the fourth-largest island in the world.

A visit to Madagascar will leave you speechless. There is truly nothing like it in the world. It is believed that almost 90% of the entire wildlife of Madagascar is found nowhere else on planet Earth.


Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers miles of sandy beaches, almost entirely encircled by coral reefs. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and more.

You can hike through the mountains and National Parks or explore the culture as it is a melting pot of African, European, and Indian influences.

São Tomé and Príncipe

Located in the Gulf of Guinea, off the west coast of Central Africa, this two-island nation, Africa’s second-smallest, remains one of the least visited countries in the world. 


Situated towards the east of Kenya in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago holds 115 paradise islands.

Seychelles is an island paradise that should not be overlooked. It boasts breathtaking, turquoise waters, and a backdrop of lush hills, or palm trees that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Seychelles is an excellent destination for honeymooners and thrill-seekers wanting to snorkel and see marine life. Mahé is the largest and busiest, island with luxury resorts & first-class restaurants

Djerba Island

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea is Djerba. The island is known for its eclectic population of residents and tourists, beaches, and picturesque villages.


The largest island in Africa, Zanzibar Island (or Unguja) is located off the coast of Tanzania. The African, Indian, and Arab influences make Zanzibar’s culture particularly interesting.

Some of the best places to visit in Zanzibar include Stone Town, Changuu, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Other attractions include charming bazaars, courtyards, and stunning white sandy beaches.